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I’m really looking forward to a proper Christmas break with my daughter. What about you?

This has been such a mad year in so many ways. We’ve been lucky that our family and friends have not been affected too badly (I hope you can say the same).

Like many business owners I’ve had small breaks from the business, but  nothing substantial. It’s too easy to just carry on working when you’re locked down at home, or can’t get away to a different environment.

All business owners and managers need a good break this Christmas! Because it’s healthy for us to do that.

We can properly recharge our brains and bodies. Regain perspective on what we want to achieve in life. And then re-align the business to match.

Some of the most successful business owners I know, have plenty of space to think through the issues affecting their business. And plan appropriate action.

They find they make the biggest mental leaps when they take complete breaks. A relaxed, rested mind has better problem solving skills. And a great ability to make those big jumps.

Food for thought. Because if our lives are going to be Corona’d again next year – how can you make sure you take proper breaks throughout the year, and not just wait until Christmas 2021?

Until then, stay safe, and Merry Christmas!

Chris Davis

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TThe QWERTY keyboard was intentionally designed to slow people down.

The mechanical typewriters that the keyboard debuted on in the 19th century were known to jam if people typed too quickly on them.


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Blocking Text Messages on SmartPhones

Do you constantly receive SMS (text) messages with special offers on your smartphone from your service provider and even from random numbers!  Since text messages can be used to quickly send a message without too much work, many companies have been using this mode to advertise their products, services and offer information. I know I can always reply with ‘STOP’ to my service providers, but what do I do about the random numbers? As usual, I went hunting for a solution.

What I found is that for iPhone users there are several ways to stop unwanted messages and you can find the steps by clicking here. For Android users, you can find the steps by clicking here.

Until next time, have an awesome month and holiday!


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