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Recently it seems as though Big Tech is finally taking consumers’ privacy concerns more seriously. Companies like Apple and Google are taking steps to protect our data and give us more choice about who can access our  information. 

But is it enough?

Big Tech knows more about us than even our other halves do. From our likes and dislikes to our vacations, shopping habits, and even what we like to watch. Everything we do online is watched and tracked. And somewhere out there, there are files on each and every one of us that reveal our deep inner behaviors. 

Are enough people aware of how to change their settings to keep their information private?

And what are the risks to us if nothing further is done?

On the flip side of this, if we’re no longer tracked online, it means that    adverts become less targeted, and recommendations are less accurate. Most people may not mind this, but what does it mean for business owners like us? 

Advertising becomes a lot more difficult. You’ll wind up spending more on things like Google Ads, to get fewer results. Your business may not get in front of enough of the right people online. And that’s certainly a worry to those who rely on adverts to attract new business.

So where do we draw the line when it comes to online privacy? 

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The most popular language on the internet by far is English. More than 25.3% of the internet is in English, 19.8% is in Chinese, and 8% is in Spanish.

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Friend or Fraud?

Hopefully you’re aware of the risks of fake accounts on social media. Accounts are created to catfish; con people out of money; and for other kinds of exploitation. 

But did you know that fake accounts can be created for other services too? 

Most of the businesses we interact with now need you to create an account. Think food  ordering, online shopping, maybe even for businesses like yours.

But what’s the harm in that, right? These fakes won’t be creating accounts on your website to trick you into anything. They won’t be able to access your products or services for free. Aside from creating spam in your CRM, what’s the problem? 

Actually, these fake accounts can result in huge fraud. Recently, for example, the US Secret  Service announced it had recovered $2 billion in fraudulent Covid-19 relief claims. 

And it’s on the rise, because there are now software tools which automate account creation and mask real identities. 

In the world of retail, bots exist to buy up limited edition or highly desired items, with a view to reselling them for a higher price. And the lengths these bots go to, in order to make fake email accounts look like real humans is incredible. 

They sign up to mailing lists, send emails, watch YouTube videos, all to build up normal email account activity, before creating accounts with the desired retailer, ready for the drop. 

When the item is released, these bots are all logged in and checking out at the same time, making it next to impossible for real humans to make a purchase. 

While this may not directly affect your  business in this way, it’s making it very difficult for all of us to be recognized as real individuals online. It may be only a matter of time before this is recognized as a form of fraud. 

Have you considered how fake account fraud could affect your business? Perhaps it’s time to take a look at the way accounts are created to do business with you.

Until next time, have an awesome month!


How do you choose a strong password?....

Go to the gym and find the one lifting the heaviest weights!

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